Mexican authorities found dumped dead bodies. PHOTO | AFP
Mexican authorities found dumped dead bodies. PHOTO | AFP

Mexican government investigate the murder of 19 people. Their bodies were found dumped by the roadside in Southern Mexico.

The Authorities claim that drug barons clashed and in the exchange of fire, the 19 were shot dead.

Mexican authorities found 19 bodies Thursday in western Mexico, apparent casualties of a drug turf war. The killings contrast with years of gangs hiding their hits, recalling instead past drug wars, when criminal groups dumped piles of bodies on the streets as overt warnings to authorities and rival drug gangs.

The state of the bodies could determine the cause of the deaths. Nine bodies were hanging from an overpass by their necks, while seven more were hacked and dumped on the nearby road, under a pedestrian bridge. Three more bodies filled with gunshot wounds, lay further down the same road, said Adrian Lopez, the attorney general for the state of Michoacan, where the murders happened.

Mexico is a drug, Warlord, mercenary and Cartels country. One of the richest drug business country in the world. Pablo Escobar was one of the top richest drugs barons in the world and his products were from Mexico.

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