Bongo actress Irene
Bongo actress Irene Uwoya. PHOTO | BNC

Bongo artists clash over a festival invitation. Tanzania actresses clash after alleged stage discrimination.

After not being invited to two of her fellow cast festivals, Irene Uwoya and Aunt Ezekiel, actor Kajala Masanja has said she sees no problem and nothing has gone down.

Speaking to Amani, they added that she would not feel bad or be weak because you were not invited since the ceremony ends one day and is forgotten but her life goes on. 

"That is, even when I am not invited to go to their parties, I feel the same because they enjoy just one day, they are in a normal state, so it doesn't matter to me at all," said Kajala. 

Recently, Kajala did not appear at various other awards ceremonies including Aunt Bethidei and the launch of the Reality Show of Spirituality as stated by her manager due to prejudice.

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