Ganze boys secondary school hall. PHOTO | BMS
Ganze boys secondary school hall. PHOTO | BMS

Residents and Ganze professionals have today 31st December 2019 boycotted a consultative meeting organized by area member of parliament Hon. Teddy Ngumbao Mwambire at Ganze boys Secondary school dining hall. The embarrassed legislator who is currently facing political isolation across the Constituency was forced to quickly pay youths around Ganze town to attend his meeting for the purpose of saving his political face.

It comes after the majority of professionals lean towards Roads Chief officer Ken Kazungu (Tungule) citing the failure of the current legislator.  

One of the close allies of the Mp who requested for anonymity told the media that the Mp is bitter and a purely political frustrated man, his activities across the Constituency has been facing cold feet for the last four to five months.

Professionals interviewed accused of for being a know it all man, distanced himself with locals and professionals, failing to consult at appropriate time only to appear with more false promises and normal political public relations activity. 

As the Poverty index continues to build up in Ganze Constituency, the economy continues to struggle and the people of Ganze remain paralyzed by the fear of uncertainty, the area Mp Hon. Teddy Mwambire is working very hard to continue instilling false hope to residents through zero content and hyped activities with no economic value and impact. 

It is surprising that in the current charged atmosphere of bad roads, poor infrastructure development in schools, security, and unemployment no reassuring word and actions to Ganze people have come from the Member of parliament. Interestingly, residents allege that the legislator has been busy and steady first in sharing hot talks online and not development-oriented activities on the ground.


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  1. I happen to be a resident at ganze constituency. The development index of this boy is zero out of one hundred. "Wajinga nyinyi" is my dedication song.


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