Last Week, Rwanda signed a country promotion deal with Paris Saint Germain.  The French club will promote as ll sectors of promoting tourism in Rwanda.

Rwanda will be paying PSG $6Million annually. 

Last May, Rwanda signed a deal with an English club Arsenal and LA galaxy club from the US which the country pays $4Million and $3.2 Million annually respectively. 

“We invest part of our tourism revenues in strategic collaborations such as the one with Paris St Germain because we understand the positive effect they have on the overall perception of the country globally,” the Rwanda Development Board’s chief executive, Clare Akamanzi, said in a statement after the signing.

Under the deal, PSG will promote Rwandan products, while messages promoting Rwanda will be displayed on its women’s team kit and in the club’s stadium.

PSG said on Twitter that it had signed a deal “inviting the world to participate in the remarkable transformation of Rwanda”.

Rwanda earned $380 million from tourism in 2018 only from the English club, the central bank said last month and was forecast to earn $405 million this year.

It also earned $320 Million from LA galaxy in those 7 months in 2018

It expects to earn $800 million- $1 Billion by 2024, mainly from conferences, high-end tourists who trek with gorillas and National park and game reserve fees.

The government said part of the funds will be used to build modern football stadia.

" We want to make sure that Our youths have the best fields in Africa. We are working had to partner with big organizations to fulfill our dream, " Akamanzi added.

Rwanda airways made a profit of $112 Million which is  35 percent in 2018 from $80 Million in 2017.  The Rwanda airways projects $300Million profit in 2024. 

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