Aerial locust spraying in Isiolo. PHOTO | NMG
Aerial locust spraying in Isiolo. PHOTO | NMG

The residents of Laikipia West are in panic after a swarm of insects believed to be desert locusts was sighted. The Maize growing region is feared to have been invaded by the locusts.

According to the Agriculture CS Peter Munya, the Pesticides that were being used on the aerial spray were not ineffective. 

The locusts number has tripled,  caused panic and fear for the locusts could invade the whole country. 

CS Peter Munya said they have ordered new pesticides and the government has induced Ksh. 30 Million in combatting the Menace from the Ksh 254 Million budget.

Suspected to have migrated from Laikipia North, the insects caused panic among maize farmers in Rumuruti, Gatundia and Marmanet areas.

“I was shocked to wake up in the morning and find the insects on my farm,” said Ms. Hannah Waceke, a farmer in Gatundia. 

The farmers have called on both the county and national governments to move with speed and control the destructive pests.

“We are calling on the team that is spraying and controlling the insects to concentrate in these areas to avert damage,” said Marmanet Ward representative Simon Kanyutu.

County Agriculture executive Lucy Murugi said Isiolo, Meru and Samburu counties would work with the national government, the private sector and the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) to contain the locusts.


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  1. Locusts Locusts.... Letr people turn to God. All the vegetation in Kenya will be eaten by the desert locusts in the next one month.

  2. The government is focusing on BBI


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