The mother and her daughter give birth at the same time. PHOTO | ABC
The mother and her daughter give birth at the same time. PHOTO | ABC

A woman in Capetown, South Africa, Mildred Mashego, and her daughter Patricia, have attained the level to be in the books of records as the first mother and daughter to give birth to their babies in the same week, month and year and for the same man.

Reports indicate that the  38-year-old Mashego was pregnant when she learned that her 19-year-old daughter was also pregnant, and the two were due just days apart.

Her anger quickly turned to shock when she found out that the man responsible for her daughter’s pregnancy was the same man who was going to be the father of her child. Vincent Malumane was the Man who impregnated both within one week in the same house.

" Her mother was my girlfriend. At times when I spent a night with them. One day the daughter approached me. So that night when I left for the bathroom I found her daughter yarning for it. I did it. That's when all got pregnant, " he said.

Patricia was the first to put to bed a bouncing baby boy, then her mother followed two days after with another boy, thus making them brothers, a step-grandson and father to Vincent, a grandson, and mother to Mildred and a brother and mother to Patricia.

The Urban cork Vincent Malumane admitted that he secretly had an affair with the mother and her daughter. “I cannot go back now and further explain what happened.

" All we have to do is focus on making sure that the children are properly cared for,” Mildred admits that during her pregnancy, she was bitter that her daughter had slept with her boyfriend and had even considered having an abortion over the fact that her daughter was carrying a child from the same man.

However, after their babies were born, Mildred decided to forgive her daughter for the sake of her grandson.

They said that Mr. Vincent is highly welcomed at their home because he is still the father of the Duo.

The Mildreds' fear is that when the children grow and ask for their fathers, that will be the real great test.

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