How are girls denoted as teenagers in your tradition? Mursi tribe in South-West Ethiopia and Surma in South Sudan have their own kind of showing off a teenage or grown-up girl.

Teens have to do lips stretching to attract Men and being grown up from the age of 12 years. Lip stretching is considered to be a respect to Men that the girls can endure all sought of pains in their Marriages.

Ladies in these tribes get married from the age of 15 years. The lips are subjected to a lip plate or lip disc for two weeks. It's only removed when eating. It's also referred to as lip plugging. 

The lip disc is made up of Clay or Wood. Every household in these two tribes has either two or three discs. 

These discs are subjected to shrines, elders pray before handed over to the families. They say it helps in reducing pain and avoiding severe injuries.

The Mursi tribe in Ethiopia has made it now a tourist attraction culture. The Mursi village is flocked with tourists from the western countries. 

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