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 Fixing “data-vocabulary.org schema deprecated” Error in blogger.
 Fixing “data-vocabulary.org schema deprecated” Error in blogger.

 Many website developers and bloggers are now looking on how To Fix “data-vocabulary.org schema deprecated” Error. Fixing it in blogger is very simple. In WordPress, the Yoast plugin does the magic after re-installation.

Google through their official blog post reported that they are withdrawing data-vocabulary.org schema markup from Google rich result features. Both schema.org and data-vocabulary.org were used to provide better structures for markup-based applications on the Internet.

Schema.org structured data scheme is to be used as a replacement of data-vocabulary to be eligible for Google rich results features.

After successful validation, update the code on your website and test it again in Structured Data Tool and click on “Validate Fix” from your website’ Google Search Console > Breadcrumbs to request Google to recrawl your website for updated Schema Breadcrumbs.

 Fixing “data-vocabulary.org schema deprecated” Error in blogger.


To fix the Problem in blogger, replace the Data-Vocabulary URL with schema URL.


" https://data-vocabulary.org/Breadcrumb

Replace it with 

" https://schema.org/BreadcrumbList "

Google has updated its search engine crawlers and without updating it, Breadcrumbs will slowly disappear from such results. 

 Fixing “data-vocabulary.org schema deprecated” Error in blogger.

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