Valentine Day top stories 2020 and Valentine gifts, this is how Kenyans are celebrating

Motherly Love on the Valentines Day 2020. PHOTO | WANJIRU
Motherly Love on the Valentines Day 2020. PHOTO | WANJIRU

Top ValentineDay2020 stories that hit the headline on the internet. Here are are some samples of who are fans top Valentines are. How did you celebrate the Valentines day 2020? Inbox at our social media pages and Contact Us page. 

@Nelly Mchoraji Gifted My valentine is my daughter... My true love. She makes my world complete. Tupatie phone nikue namfunza school work and also art since am an artist. Cheers

@Carol Soonim Yes he is disabled but I love him. we first met In a stadium while we were in high school. my friends used to laugh a lot but us, they used to say uyu akuna mahali atakupeleka but love covered all that.disability does not reduce a man, he is human and we love each other.

@Wakariuki Teresiah Wanjiru #myhappyvalentines These ones here are my valentines, symbols of true love and the reasons am alive today. our story dates back to when I conceived the big boy, an act that saw me lose everything and everyone to a point of ending up as a street girl. That wasn't all, I sought refuge in the ghetto, sold bhang & chang'aa & when nothing seemed to add up we attempted suicide. Of how we survived to tell this is a tale for another day...but when I finally held him in my arms, after walking God knows how many kilometres to the maternity, as alone as Jonah inside the belly of the big fish...oh, did I forget to mention that it was in the ungodly hours of the night?

I laboured him like the Hebrew women, and when I saw his handsome face, wrapped up in the rags I had carried to the hospital, my life took 180 degrees turn. I wanted to live, every single day to watch him grow..i wanted to see every dawn, to defend him and love him to the death...

We only had a tongue-size thin mattress, but that didn't stop him from loving me more.. every time I look at myself through them pair of eyes I see a queen..few years later, we have another Angel, we had to name him Manasseh (read your bible or google)...every other valentine has never been the same. Because with me is the purest form of true love.

@Jackie Njeri Mwenje My love Elijah 😍😍I love u babie .We met 3 years ago in a club where i had gone to meet some guy(Sponsor) who never turned up.I was stranded at the table with bills since the sponsor had asked me to have some wine and kuku bahati before he came. I was almost done and he switched off his phone. This babie of mine saw how much I was struggling to make calls all over n approached me. I gave him my story n he cleared the bills n paid my uber home. We exchanged contacts and he kept in touch since then. It was on 14th Valentines . The relationship has been working out so well that we are getting married in April this year. I love you Elijah 😍
I wish I can win a phone to take selfies on our wedding and honeymoon since the camera of the phone I use is not clear I love him, he is a cool man full of joy and understanding.
We found love in a hopeless place

Happy Valentines 2020. PHOTO | Courtesy
Happy Valentines 2020. PHOTO | Courtesy

@Suzan Sue Ondimu #Myhappyvalentine..He is not just my husband, he is my best friend, my partner in crime, the father to my two sons. He is not perfect but he makes things happen. We met in college back in 2014, and since then we've never looked back. I thank God for every year I have spent together with him..We moved in together when we had nothing but he got magical hands. He makes things happen.

@Lamech O. Oimeke #MyHappyValentines I would like to celebrate this valentine day with my lovely Mum who has been with me since I was born till now I humbly celebrate her for the care and excellent in support of her she has never abandoned me in every circumstance I appreciate her and thank her so much #Happyvalentines to you mum live long mum

She had joined our campus and as a 'fresha' she was not so much aware of how the thing works there. So right after seeing her i gotta crush and decided to be her guide, showing around. It came this very day she was modelling and in this very category of dinning she did not have a better-half to walk her down the run-way,'boy child' took to himself the responsibility and that's how I won her heart. I love her simplicity and joy

@Waithera Gichuki My Valentine's is my old man over here we met 1992 he was the first man who held me after birth he has always held me and I have always loved him . this man is the support system I have never had any other best friend than him he doesn't dwell on my weaknesses rather than my strengths he underwent eyes surgery and can't read bible clearly but kwa simu he can zoom mnipee simu nimpelekee juu siko job I can't afford one yet..

@Paul Toshman Now this is me and the Queen of my world! I met this beautiful lady ten years ago when I didn't have a penny !! I was jobless hawking clothes in kayole and sleeping on the floor, I didn't even have a bed. Despite all this, the lovely lady still fell in love with me and together we believed in each other dreams of a future together, it's now seven years since we got married and we have two lovely daughters together !! This lady is the pillar of our family and we treasure her a lot !! She is definitely #MyHappyValentine

@Spinkah Nyandieka Here is the love of my life, the dad of my unborn queen,, I met him on 2016 when everything was a rock in my life, I was very sick and was to undergo surgeryπŸ˜“ the family left me he became my friend, my family, he took care of me and even paid my bills,, later when I was ok that’s when he asked me to be his love..I never hesitated because he was and he is the family I know..I thank God for him #myhappyValentines

@Pascal Guzu Spartan I was going through depression πŸ˜₯from my first relationship to a point she saved me from attempted suicide.. she helped me fix the broken pieces of my heart that she never broke. Date 14 is our 1year anniversary and still, it's her birthday. I want to gift her this phone. I love you @Dammy Nan

@Faith Lesh Leshimpiro #MyHappyValentines is my dad who doubles up as a mother. For 5 years now he's taken care of us single-handedly. At the time my mum went to be with the Lord many said that our lives would be miserable but dad has proved them wrong. I'm looking for a job and I pray that I'll get a good one so I can take care of him. I love him and I thank God for him every day.

@Nicole Batate We met when he was only 4 weeks and since then we have been together, he protects me and I care for him, love him and we share great moments together. Whenever my heart breaks I run to him coz he is a true friend, he comforts me and restores my happiness. We just need that phone to take great pics for great memories. My Valentine is my Jakes dog

@Jane Mnice I made up my mind to forever try my ups and downs to give my kids the best,I went through hardships when I was growing up, lack of food clothes mom was the best I could ever ask for and for this I will fight for my kids in million ways to see they never lack when lam alive#MY VALENTINE IS MY KID

@Estah Aini I met with this handsome man, father of my unborn baby in 2013, the first day I saw him I crushed on him, there is a time we parted ways for almost 2yrs then he came back last year, I didn't hesitate when he asked for my hand in marriage, I said yes and I will never regret, he is the best husband, even after me getting pregnant after a month of settling down he has always been there for me, I love him 😍😍 he is my everything and I would like to gift him this phone this valentine

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