COVID-19 blood samples in a new study in China. PHOTO | CNN
COVID-19 blood samples in a new study in China. PHOTO | CNN

People with Blood group A are prone to coronavirus, a new study shows in Wuhan China. More than 63% of people infected with coronavirus were in blood group A.

As first reported via South China Morning Post, a Chinese medical study recently settled that human blood-types might affect whether a person quickly gets the COVID-19 or not.

The report indicates that persons with blood-type A, have greater risks of obtaining the disease from a carrier while type O typically shifts the virus and less likely encounters the disease.

This conclusion was made after researchers led by Dr Wang Xinghuan with the Centre for Evidence-Based and Translational Medicine at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University published a study on March 11, saying that blood-types of Wuhan death victims have similarities.

They found that out of the 206 deaths in Wuhan, 85 had type A blood, which was 63 per cent more than the 52 with type O.

Wang clarified that their study is not yet been finalized as of now, but the research might lead authorities to protect more blood-type A people since they are initially proven to be more prone with COVID-19 compared to other blood-types.

"Sars-CoV-2-infected patients with blood group A might need to receive more vigilant surveillance and aggressive treatment. Blood group O had a significantly lower risk for the infectious disease compared with non-O blood groups," the report by Dr Wang indicated.

 "It might be helpful to introduce ABO blood typing in both patients and medical personnel as a routine part of the management of Sars-CoV-2 and other coronavirus infections, to help define the management options and assess risk exposure levels of people," he added.

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