Interior CS Fred Matiang.i in a past event
Interior CS Fred Matiang.i in a past event

 The government has banned visits to prisons. The Prisoners will have a minimum movement due to coronavirus. The Prison warders have been advised to have few engagements with prisoners as well as practise social distancing.

The Ministry of Interior on Thursday suspended all visits to prison lines, borstal institutions and youth corrective training centres across the country for the next 30 days.

There are approximately 54,000 inmates and hundreds of pre-trial remandees in all 107 correctional facilities.

“No visitors will be allowed at any of their 107 correctional facilities as a precautionary measure to minimize face-to-face contact and interaction with the civilian population,” Zeinab Hussein, Principal Secretary for State Department for Correctional Services.

“This injunction has also been extended to the prison staff.”

“To ensure uninterrupted supply of soaps, detergents and sanitizers, the Athi River GK Prison has scaled up the producing of these items to meet the increasing demand within the prison industry,” she noted.

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