Marikano Primary school. PHOTO | FILE
Marikano Primary school. PHOTO | FILE

Two dead in Malindi after the heavy rains. The rains accompanied with lighting, heavy and strong winds took away several buildings in Langobaya division.

The rain caused havoc in the constituency. The strong winds swept three classes at Marikano Primary school. The disaster left several pupils injured. They were rushed to a nearby Baolala dispensary in Langobaya.

According to the deputy Headteacher at Marikano Primary school Mr Wilson Gunga, the rains accompanied strong winds swept other buildings around. Despite the school surrounded by windbreakers, the strong winds could still reach.

It started with heavy rains followed by thunderstorms and lightning that lasted for about two hours before strong winds erupted and brought down roofs and trees. Henry Katana, the deceased's father, said his daughter was pronounced dead upon arrival at Baolala Dispensary in Langobaya area. Six electricity poles had also fallen.

 " We urge the government, well-wishers and politicians assist in taking back our school. We already had a deficit in the number of classes. Now we are down by three classes. We need help, " the deputy head-teacher said.

 " This is a big loss for our school. We also have homes which were blown out by the heavy rains. Parents will have to check their housing before looking at the school infrastructure. We are looking forward to getting some assistance, " said Franklin Majembe -Vice BOM chair.

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