Diamond Property Merchants closes down.
Diamond Property Merchants closes down.

Classic 105 and nation television heavily advertised Diamond Property Merchants closes down. Managers crossed borders to Tanzania. Diamond property Merchants follow Goldenscape greenhouses and appliance Kenya.

Sh 2 Billion Kenyans lost to Diamond property Merchants. The investors cry of their hard-earned money.

The most advertised two pieces of land collectively measuring more than 200 acres were to host Diamond Property Merchants’ Bethany phases three and four have closed down. Both phases are now ghost towns. In phase three, where tomatoes and capsicum were to be grown, only grass and weeds flourish. The gate is permanently locked and nobody is allowed access the land.

Bethany phase four has never taken off over two years after being launched. Of the marketed 150 acres, only 10 acres are in use but not by Diamond Property Merchants.

Interestingly, their investment has now become one of the baits that Diamond Property uses to lure new potential investors by claiming to have had a hand in the success of the greenhouses.

In 2017, clashes over land use between Kajiado residents and Diamond Property saw 400 greenhouses burnt down in phase four and several others defaced in phase three.

The employees on the ground revealed that an experienced farmer would have also seen through Diamond Property’s trick as the promise of Sh400,000 in net dividends per year was impossible.

The employees refused to reveal their bosses names. But no production in the Diamond property greenhouse phases.

“Diamond Property lied to investors and the company they hired to manage the greenhouses (Nguzo International) also wasn’t upfront. For instance, they promised investors that there would be two harvest seasons per year, but here one can only manage one season per year,” one of the workers said.

There are four court cases in Kajiado and Machakos in which investors are pursuing Diamond Property.

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