Kenyatta University Hospital
Kenyatta University Hospital

A lady at Kenyatta University hospital wants help from the Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, saying they tested her and the test returned positive of COVID-19 and does not have cash to use at the hospital for treatment.

However, she added that many people in the hospital are going through depression and because of how they are being treated.

"Governor Mike Sonko please help, I’m in Kenyatta University hospital after I tested positive. I can’t concentrate on my recovery as a day passes by, my bills become more and more," the lady added.

The lady added that majority of people are being locked at the hospital, even if they recover because of hospital bills.

 “People are being locked for lack of funds, I’m mentally and emotionally drained, anyone with his number please help me,” she added.

Kenyatta University Hospital lady who wants Mike Sonko help

Several people recovered, but they will only allow them only if they pay bills.  However, the lady added that anybody who wish to help her can as well find information in her inbox.

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