Ambassador to the US in Kenya Kyle McCartney found himself in a difficult position after he posted about Kenyans ignorance on wearing masks. He said most of Kenyans do not wear masks.

" Only a fraction of the wananchi are wearing masks and social distancing! None of us knows the magnitude of this Wuhan flu but we must take basic known wise precautions. It is only for a short time. We will come back to Prosperity and culture of Kenya closeness soon, " Ambassador Kyle McCartney said.

" Eventually, we are going to overcome this Chinese flu. I agree with you, the masks are unaffordable and also social distancing is almost impossible due to the large population especially in informal settlements. The government should step up. We shall rise together, " Former CJ Willy Mutunga posted.

" May I remind you that the rate of unemployment and poverty in Kenya exceeds 50 per cent. Most Kenyans live below the poverty line - they earn less than $1.00 per day. They don't have food to eat. They can't afford face masks. They live in slums where social distancing is impossible, "  Miguna Miguna said.

Ambassador to the US in Kenya Kyle McCartney

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