Kibra resident fighting for Raila Odinga food donations
Kibra resident fighting for Raila Odinga food donations

Police forced to toss teargas to scatter Kibra residents who had turned out in large numbers to scramble for Raila Odinga's donation, leaving many injured receiving treatments in different hospitals.

Turmoil exploded at Kibra as hundreds of people forced their way into the District Commissioner's office to get Raila's donation which was donated by friends to Raila Odinga foundation.

On Thursday, April 9, the ODM leader, his wife Ida Odinga among other sponsors donated a consignment, which included food, sanitizer, soap, oil and water, from the Raila Odinga foundation through the national government.

Several leaders asked questions about social distancing not being observed at the administrators' office, "We are endangering our lives because we are so close to each other. "

"They had ordered a one-meter distance between one person and the other but it is not possible because people are pushing each other from all directions, " a Kibra resident said.

"That is how Corona could infect us. Were they bringing us food or they were trying to finish us?"

 "What was wrong is that we were all called and the food is locked inside while we are all waiting outside, " an old man explained what had led to the chaos.

"We were told to maintain a social distance but it was not being observed. It was like we were called got get the disease, " he added.

In an interview on Friday, April 10, Raila revealed that the donation he gave to the people of Kibra was as a result of him talking to his friends to donate.

Several Companies donated to the Raila Odinga foundation. The foundation took the donations to the National Government for distribution through sub-county administration.

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