Senators discussing health matters on rogue Hospitals
Senators discussing health matters on rogue Hospitals. FILE

Senators have raised concerns over an increased number of detentions of patients and bodies in hospitals over medical bills and in situations where families are unable to pay, especially in private hospitals.

People take loans, sell their properties, organize fundraisers or appeal for donations from friends and well-wishers to clear their bills to get loved ones for burial.

Led by Senate Health Committee Chairman Michael Mbito (Trans Nzoia), the Senators wants abrupt measures taken to manage and address the financing of the health sector.

Hon Mbito says there are infinite accounts of troubled families having to deal with inhumane hospitals that refuse to release bodies of their deceased relatives for burial because of huge outstanding medical bills.

“Cases of relatives having to end up in court for intervention to enable them to bury their dead are also rampant and cannot be overstated,” Mbito said.

“This is a very sad state of affairs and the cruelty meted on the poor patient’s parents and relatives of this boy are unfathomable,” he added.

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