Coronavirus in Newyork, the US
Coronavirus patient in Newyork, the US

New concerns on the Coronavirus global as a good percentage that tested positive did not show any symptoms of COVID-19. It is now clear that some patients are carriers of the disease without having or showing symptoms.
Due to mass testing, Doctors in the US, Iceland and Italy shows 25%, 50% and 40% of the mass tested people in quarantine did not show the symptoms of COVID-19 but tested Positive.

The New Coronavirus clearly shows that the disease could be spreading faster through carriers or asymptomatic individuals.

Concerning new data from Iceland shows 50% of those who tested positive said they were asymptomatic.

In the US, an estimated 25% of coronavirus carriers have no symptoms, said the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Information that we have pretty much confirmed now is that a significant number of individuals that are infected remain asymptomatic. That may be as many as 25%,” CDC Director Dr Robert Redfield told NPR.

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