President Uhuru Kenyatta at statehouse. FILE
President Uhuru Kenyatta at statehouse. FILE

During a press briefing with radio stations in Nairobi, President Uhuru Kenyatta pleaded with landlords to help in rent waivers during the coronavirus pandemic.

" We are pleading with Landlords to listen to their tenants this difficult time. We can't force them because it's their property. But we plead with them, " President Uhuru Kenyatta said in the briefing.

However, most of the landlords said that the government should also waive some rates and suspend bank construction loans and mortgages until the country stabilizes.

" How about the government waives the landlord's income tax on rent, tax on land rates, and other applicable taxes, suspend any construction loans they currently have. Then in equal measure, the landlords will reciprocate, " a landlord who has a loan in Ruai said.

Kenyans will continue to pay rent or else face evacuation. The government has not waived anything to the landlords, hence nothing will be done to that.

" You either pay rent or be kicked out. We are not given anything by the government. The county government also have their share on the rates. KRA also need their share. Where are we going to get the money to pay government and food for our families?, " the Ruai landlord added.

" Imagine such a failure telling you not to collect your rent na uko na Loan ya kulipa? Start from the top, banks shouldn’t ask for loans this months, " a Mombasa landlord seconded.

" But the same government can order the PSV matatus to carry only Eight Pass. Does the GOK own any Matatus? Is matatu not a personal property? But it has failed to order landlords to reduce rent because of its personal property. What a shame?, " a Tenant at Athi River in Nairobi said.


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  1. Sure, as much as we have made access to rentals easier for Kenyans, most tenants are struggling.


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