Some MPs from the native home of a Cabinet Secretary secured some Sh150 million tender to supply face masks at the onset of the virus in Kenya. 

The MPs did not supply any through their proxy companies. Despite the payment being made to the proxy companies, none has supplied or returned the amount.

However, EACC said the matter is still in investigation and those proxy companies will be named. 

Details have emerged that the deal was given to two MPs from the home county of the CS to import face masks when Covid-19 broke out in the country and before local manufacturing could be ratified. 

The legislatures are said to have used a proxy company associated with one of the MP's relative. 

However, it would appear that the contract, which was classified as an emergency tender and therefore exempted from tough procurement laws, could have been just but a cash cow. 

No face masks were supplied. It is not clear whether the politicians served as a conduit for the CS's hunger for money.

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