Banda Homes with unfinished investments
Banda Homes with unfinished investments

Investors stare Sh 3.9 Billion loss  to Banda Homes.  Banda Homes director has been in and out of the country to Dubai shopping.

Banda Homes in a storm after failing to deliver houses. Houses remain incomplete two years after the project started.

Investors who paid Ksh.3.9Billion say they will move to court. Developer Andrew Kamau is blaming Covid-19 pandemic.

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"Banda Homes directors, you’ve got a big mess on your hands but you can fix it. The directors would withdraw 10M on Fridays to go party in Dubai," a company confidant says.

Find new partners and restructure the financing to deliver.

“I bought a house through Banda Homes in 2018, and I completed my payments as agreed and the delivery date was last year in April or May but the house is far from being complete,” says Anthony Kariuki, one of the home buyers.

“It is true that we have experienced delays because of various reasons (among them being) late payments from clients,"  Banda Homes founder Andrew Kamau.

" We also underestimated the amount of work that we were going to put into those projects," he said.

"We are pushing all our projects on the remaining works by a further six to eight months,” he added.

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