Floods in Kenya worse than 1997-8 Elnino
Floods in Kenya worse than 1997-8 Elnino. FILE

Flood is killing more people than the highly infectious virus. Now floods have passed 200 marks while the less than 30 deaths from the virus.

Is it because of the money from the international community in the virus pandemic that makes the government focus more than the floods pandemic?

However, there is no concrete budget set aside for the flood victims.  More than 50,000 people have been affected by the floods.

" Is it that the floods are affecting the poor majority that makes the government reluctant in helping the flood victims in some areas?" the flood victims asked.

" They're more than 100,000 people who are homeless. Flood, State evacuated and rent arrears evacuated tenants victims makes the number huge," Political analyst Herman Manyora stated.

“We are not waiting for people to be swept downstream. We are removing people using public resources to ensure they are away from danger, “said CS Matiang’i.

“We are moving them by force. We have instructed county commissioners in affected areas to move them even if it means putting them on Lorries and getting them out of there,” he added.

Masinga and Turkwel dams have already reached a risky level and if the rains continue, they are likely to overflow and sweep those living in the surroundings.

According to CS devolution, Eugene Wamalwa, those living in affected areas should move to nearby schools where the government will give them the necessary help.

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