Step by Step on how to find if your genuine
How to find out if you have an original genuine mobile phone. FILE

How do you check if your phone is counterfeit? Fake Phones pose a threat in life due to exposure to radioactive materials.

Counterfeit mobile phone devices provide poor quality of service and experience, pose a major threat to personal health and national security.

Verify if your mobile phone is genuine. To do so:

1. Dial *#06# on your phone or one you intend to buy 
2. Your phone will display the International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) number(s
3. Note down the IMEI number 
4. Send the IMEI as an SMS to 1555 for FREE
5. You will receive and an SMS response from CA with details of the mobile phone, make and model.
 6. If details displayed on the phone are the same as that of the owned mobile and/or the one intended to be purchased, it is genuine. 
7. If details don't match, it is not genuine.

Report cases of counterfeit mobile phones to Communication Authority through

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