Mt Kenya leaders on trouble on Uhuru Kenyatta axe
GADO cartoon representation
People in Mt Kenya are now feeling that the President is heading in the wrong direction. The majority of residents say President Uhuru Kenyatta has lied the whole RiftValley and Central at large.

They said unless the President brings another person but Raila Odinga will not be voted in the region against William Ruto.

Political tension in the mountain after the President vowed to kick-out those who criticise his moves from the region.

"Uhuru is airlifting politicians to go to the statehouse to settle scores with Deputy president but he can't airlift Kenyans hit by floods in various parts of the country," Kimani Wa Maina a flood victim in Nyeri says.

"If Uhuru Kenyatta can spit Ruto this fast without a second thought, he can do the same to Raila Odinga. Former PM should have his eyes and ears open because the son of Jomo can change any time. Chameleon," Murunga Kirigi from Meru posted.

"The silence of Dp Ruto in this whole situation is ruining Uhuru Kenyatta and his mandarins. That is baffled by silence they are touching everything and the doyen is just relaxed. He knows only the next move, " Mungai from Kutus stated.

" Those blaming Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto on the fall out are those thinking that succession politics are just like normal by-elections. Moi did not succeed Kenyatta that simple, he was humiliated, Kibaki did not succeed Moi, same to Uhuru. Ruto will face the same," Kimani Wairimu said from Embu.

"I think Uhuru Kenyatta will be best remembered as the man who rolled back all Democratic gains (real and perceived), desecrated the constitutional principle of separation of powers and especially the independence of the judiciary and most significantly dismembered and retarded the economy, " Kimani added.

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