Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launch 80,000 loaves per hour Sheger Bread Factory
Ethiopia Sheger Bread Factory. FILE

Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali opens a state-based bread factory. The bread factory is the largest bread manufacturing plant in Africa with a capacity of 1,920,000 loaves of bread per day.

The Prime Minister said the move will help Wheat, Barley and rice farmers in the country to get a ready market. 

The breads are made up of different flavours and ingredients. Rice, Barley, Wheat, Sorghum and millet loaves of bread are produced from the factory.

" We are putting into place the cries of our farmers and we have come up with a long-lasting solution. We have already found market inside and outside Ethiopia with the help of Ethiopian airways couriers, " he said.

"The Sheger Bread Factory we inaugurated today and which took 10 months from conception to finalization is symbolic of our path to prosperity. Producing 80,000 pieces of bread per hour, availing it affordable prices will contribute to food security, " he added.

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