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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta defends Mesut Ozil saying there is no grudge and the controversial conversation that went viral on making him at his best.

"I thought he was fit and willing and wanted to perform at the level he can do. I think he has played every game with me, " Arteta said.

"The moment I see he is ready to do that again I will treat him like everyone else. I have been more than fair with him and he has responded in many games, the way I want. That's it," he added.

"A lot has happened to him in the last few weeks and I have to respect the timing of every player. Sometimes they need a little bit of time, "  he added.

"It has been difficult preparation in the last two months to get players ready, "

"Again, I am the first one who wants Mesut at his best. I will put him on the pitch when I think he can give his best, "

"He was very well with me. There were no issues at all. My conversation with Mesut is going to remain with him and me. It was a clear and honest conversation." Arteta replied on Ozil omission with Manchester City.

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