Kisumu mourners chase police like Mburukenge video and photos

Kisumu Mourners overpowers Police Officers. The police were forced to lobby teargas.

After finishing the teargas canisters, police had to run for their safety after hundreds of mourners chased them while hurling stones.

The Polices officers deployed to oversee the burial of Jachiga were forced to scamper for safety after being overwhelmed by the masses who demanded their blood. 

The body of Jachiga is now in the custody of residents who are taking the body around the village to bid his kins and people goodbye. 

The mourners overpowered the police, removed the body from the grave and sealed it saying the burial was not in line with the Luo rituals.

Fans of the late popular Ohangla musician Benard Onyango, popularly known as Abenny Jachiga, later  sealed off a grave dug at the home to bury him and vowed not to allow any rushed burial as directed by the government.

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