Beddings soaked with Urine

A man in Mombasa county was left in a shock after he found out that the lady he has been yearning for almost half of his life still pees on the bed at 37 years old.

Ngumbao Sulubu, 40,  from Mtopanga, Mombasa left Kitui where he was working for almost a decade. 

He got to Kitui town after being retrenched at Machakos where he was working as a plant engineer.

During his high school days in the 1990s, he met Faith Nduku now 37, from Sombe, Kitui county. 

The duo became friends and vowed to have kids together after school. However, things changed where Mr. Sulubu got a scholarship to India. 

When he completed his studies, he got a job at one of the steel companies in Machakos. 

Both did not have each others' contacts. In 2015, they bumped each other at funeral service in Kitui just a few years after he secured another job in Kitui.

Ms. Nduku had already moved on and was dating one of the county officials. Mr. Sulubu did not give up.

In April 2020, the company he worked for almost 10 years fired him for low business due to COVID-19.

He went back to his home in Mombasa.  

On July 10th, Ms. Nduku phoned that he wanted to spend her vacation in Mombasa but would love to stay at his place.

His prayers were answered. However, he did not know what was in waiting.

She came and spent a night at his place. But because it was her first time, they could not share the bed but he decided to sleep on his Sofa.

He was shocked in the morning finding out that the bed was wet all over. 

It was her pee. Her Urine soaked his sheets. The lady was in shock too. 

She had to clean his house before leaving. Mr. Ngumbao had no option but to let her stay for three more days to finish her vacation. 

He was forced to use a polythene paper to prevent his mattress and other beddings from rotting. 

Beddings soaked with Urine

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