The return of sports betting in the Nation after bets VAT abandoned in the new law
Betting shop in Kenya photos and videos

Betting companies have been struggling over the introduction of Value Added Tax in bets. 

The 20 percent VAT on bets has hindered the growth of the said business.

Businessmen have been complaining about bad business especially in this time of Coronavirus.

The new tax laws that were to be signed by President Uhuru Kenyatta saw a clear picture and view in the gambling industry.

The bill that was taken for signing on Tuesday, did not include the proposed VAT tax on bets from the gaming companies wagers.

However, it's still not clear on when the parliament will revive the bill or it's gone forever. 

The 20 percent VAT will soon be taken out of wagers if the President signs the current bill.

The controversial measures saw companies like Sportpesa and Betin relocated to different countries.

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