Beauty in Corruption -PS health Susan Mochache Cartels unmasking

Covid Billionaires who buys properties abroad

Kenyans online furiously trolled PS Ministry of Health Susan Mochache citing she has been using his post to accumulate wealthy, embezzling COVID-19 funds and heading the MoH cartels.

Some took the trolls on her behalf.

"PS Susan Mochache shouldn't be crucified for the act done from the Head of Government downwards, the big fishes have the tendency of crucifying the less powerful, " Kevin tweeted.


"When I see such kind of pretty faces, I feel ashamed of my nation, " Ezra Kipkirui posted.

Cartels cannot investigate fellow cartels. That has been the norm in the country leaders have been singing of graft prosecution in vain. 

However, corruption is a personal liability and it's expensive. The country has witnessed massive theft of public funds in the name of tenders at MOH. COVID-19 billions cannot be traced.


According to the Daily Nation, they exposed people behind the cartels with its companies and cronies in the Ministry of Health.

Healthcare workers contracting the naval virus due to lack of PPEs, while Sh 337 Millìon meant to purchase the same PPEs disappeared courtesy of proxy companies owned by the MoH officials.

Healthcare workers are not being given the directed allowances as the President stated.

However, Women leaders used to be the best in fighting corruption, the likes of the late Prof Wangari Mathai and Martha Karua recently they resorted milking even dead cows.


Nurses and doctors haven't been paid for more than two months despite the fact that they are in the frontline against COVID-19 pandemic while some people have been pocketing their dues, allowances among other benefits.

" I don't understand how this evil and greedy people wake up on the morning smiling to their family knowing better they have stolen from the poor and the dying sick in the hospitals. Even the small shame of standing before cameras, " KOT posed.

"When people talk of corruption at any ministry, there is always someone at the top who took part in it, " the KOT user added in a thread.


An exposé was done recently, on how billions of shillings circulated and the firms at both the national and county levels got paid. However, top MoH officials were behind it.

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