Land Commission -NLC defends DP William Ruto legitimate rights on Weston Hotel


Weston Hotel review scandal


The National Land Commission (NLC) defends Deputy President William Ruto pay for the land in the second time on which Weston Hotel stands as  Kenya Civil Aviation Authority(KCAA) battle in court.

In fresh filings in court, NLC says KCAA desired to ignore Ruto’s rights as a legitimate buyer of the property even if he suggested to pay for it for the second time.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the remedy of restitution sought by the petitioner would mean that the NLC would turn a blind eye to Weston Hotel’s rights as a bonafide purchaser and further act in violation of Section 14 of the NLC Act which allows the Commission to issue consequential orders it deems appropriate in a claim, the Constitution of Kenya and the Fair Administrative Act,” NLC said.


The NLC had declared that the land belongs to the public but directed that the hotel pay KCAA for its market value to legalise the ownership.

KCAA has opposed NLC move saying the land belongs to the public and its also a plane's path added that the land was irregularly transferred to private developers.
It argues that the NLC had no powers to order for compensation or force a person who had grabbed public land to compensate the government or its agencies.

The NLC's response came just days after Ruto changed his legal strategy in the battle for Weston and said he is ready to pay for the land for the second time.

Ruto now debates that KCAA should resolve negotiations for compensation as ordered by the NLC instead of pursuing a fresh case seeking to repossess the land.

In replying affidavit by Brian Ikol who is director legal affairs, NLC accuses KCAA of withholding information and misrepresenting facts with the intent to mislead the court.

Mr Ikol reveals how NLC received complaints from KCAA in 2015 claiming that several parcels of land were illegally allotted to private individuals.

KCAA testified that the land was used as store bases for machinery and equipment by the East African Community (EAC).

NLC then declared the complaint on a review of the validity of the privilege of the land.

It invited all involved participants to the proceedings which were held on various dates between March 29, 2017, to October 31, 2018.

NLC decided, then later finalised the matter on January 22, 2019.

The disputed land is currently registered as belonging to Weston Hotel.  

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