Judy Anyango video on a webcam that left fans going mad online -Judy Anyango Kenya


Judy Anyango Video and photo on Webcam


Judy Anyango video causes stir online. Just like Vera Sidika, Rispa Faith and others, the full-time flesh vender with no other job, other than hawking her body for thirsty stars.

She explains how she survives in the city satisfying flesh starved men in lodgings and hotel rooms and at times, she flies out of the country to meet international clients, who are mostly based in Nigeria and Dubai.

The flesh businessperson, who tried being a socialite and failed, uses her Instagram page to market herself to her customers all over the world.

Judy Anyango Video on Webcam

Her Instagram page is full of dryness snares doing unbelievable stuff.
In this latest video that she posted to attract customers later caused a stir online. She was displaying her big ‘bombs’ in a hotel room. 


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