Dennis Wainaina, an Administration Police


Dennis Wainaina, an Administration Police assigned to Githunguri MP Gabriel Kago arrested for shooting and killing a watchman at a pub in Kiambu town.

Various reports indicate that event happened at Lounge 54 where Wainaina allegedly fired three times at the night guard on Wednesday night.

The Lounge manager stated that the officer had requested the watchman to open the premises at around midnight. He said he wanted to buy beer.

" I heard him quarrelling with the guard outside the bases, it was late, and we had closed, the guard told him it was not possible to open, that when I heard three gunshots, ” the manager narrated.

The manager added that after trying to find out, the manager saw the night guard on the ground bleeding extensively.

He then called the Kiambu Police Station OCS who sent police officers who raced the guard to the nearby Radiant Hospital.

Sadly, the guard did not survive fro the wounds around 4 am on Thursday, he died.

The troubled guards' wife told Inooro TV that she was shocked at the sad news as her husband and his killer were very close friends who frequently drank together.

“That person who killed him is his buddy, they drink together even, I have no idea what transpired, I want the government to interpose,” she said.

Police officers had a turbulent time overcoming the officer who escaped the scene of the crime before securing himself inside his house crying.

He reportedly scared to open fire on his family but later surrendered and is currently at the Kiambu Police station.

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