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Have you ever traveled with constant communication with the host and later he or she became unreachable for life?


People share their stories on how a journey ended being stressful after reaching the destination, and the host disappeared? 


Here are some hilarious, crazy and distressing moments some Kenyans have gone through with their loved ones.


Muraya Isaac Chege explains how he flew from Kenya to Singapore, and the host disappeared left him stranded.


Has your host ever go missing on you once you arrived at your destination!! That is what happened to me when a person I call a friend/my guy went silent on me immediately I arrived at my destination. 


After months of kunichocha tokea I will host you, no expense bro wewe tafuta tu nauli ukam then I will come through for you ukifika. 

Mimi huyo boarded the plane 5 hours to AUH then another 8 hours to SIN, nashuka airport around 1330hrs, coz am on roaming charges I decide to drop a call and inform him niko area. 

The phone rings but no one picks, I call again and again and again. I decide to take a break asione kama namdai Kidney. Then next time I call after a few minutes this time ako mteja. I tried reaching him on FB but my messages went unanswered.

Sema kusweat, but the street harden me decides to immediately use the airport free Wi-Fi to log into and got myself a hostel facility in Tao called Adler Luxury Hostel. 

That was the best decision coz that facility at that time was the cheapest but had an excellent rating. They were charging around Sh 8000 for 6 nights below.

 It was a blessing in disguise coz kama si that guy kunichocha niende I could not have experienced SIN for 6 days. So next time hata your friend or relative tells you wewe kuja Nairobi nitakupea accommodation, tembea na pesa yako my friend just in case usilale archives.


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Another person also shared the experience with disappearing hosts. 


In 2009 I travelled from Eldoret to Nairobi for attachment at KNH. Before travelling I had called a friend who had agreed to host me for the period of my attachment. 

Days before I travelled I would call just to remind her of my travel date. On the travel day mimi huyu booked a North Rift mat and called my would-be host that I was on the way though mat imetoka late so I would arrive at night. She told me she had travelled to shags but the sister would pick me up. Cool, the sister was my best friend so I thought. 

I call the sister and she assures me she'll be there.... 9 pm mat imeingia Nairobi town I call her and she asks me " hakuna mtu unaweza enda kwake juu mimi saa hii niko mbali?"... Si I was shocked and so I ask her how far she was. Knowing very well sijui Nairobi akaniuliza "kwani wewe ni wapi unajua Nairobi? I started pleading with her to please not let me be stranded in the street but her final words were " mimi nimeenda kuwatch football na boyfriend sijui nitakusaidia aje."

There was a lady tulikuwa naye kwa mat who saw how confused I was. She had overheard my conversation and so she approached me and offered to help with a place to stay for the night.... she was playing volleyball for Kenya pipeline and they had been provided with accommodation and she took me with her despite strict rules of no visitors allowed.


Let's just say strangers are not always bad people. They can come through for you in ways unexpected. I lost that lady's contact but I have never forgotten her kindness. Were it not for her I don't know what would have happened to me that night.... I hope life has been good to her. I pray God to bless her wherever she is.


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