LSK to lead and push for parliament dissolution -LSK President Nelson Havi


Law Society of Kenya addressing
Law Society of Kenya. FILE


The Law Society of Kenya pledges to lead Kenyans in occupying the Parliament on Monday in a new move to force President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve it.

LSK President Nelson Havi on Wednesday said the President has no other alternative but to send MPs home saying Chief Justice David Maraga's advisory is final and should be achieved.

In a joint address with United Green Movement at the society's headquarters,The LSK President said President Uhuru has up to October 12 to dissolve parliament.

Last month, Maraga advised President Uhuru to dissolve Parliament for failing to implement the two-thirds gender requirement.

"Parliament must be dissolved or occupied effective October 12, 2020," Havi said.

"We make this call not only because CJ has asked for the dissolution of parliament there are many reasons. As we speak the Cabinet is unlawfully constituted."

Havi was accompanied by UGM leaders ex-Ndhiwa MP Neto Agostino and former Nairobi Deputy Governor Jonathan Mweke.

"On October 12, 2012, by 2.30 pm we will issue a notice to vacate to the two clerks and the speakers," he added.

They claimed that the High Court case by the Executive amounts to an effort to overthrow constitutional order to assure politicians are not held responsible.

“Parliament since 2017 has been unconstitutional and unlawful body operating outside of the constitutional order.

"It does not deserve a judicial audience or legal protection. In effect, it is an attempted coup,” they said in a statement.

The leaders said they will be traversing the country to mobilise Kenyans to support the push for Parliament dissolution ahead of Monday.

"We are law-abiding citizens and UGM believes in non-violence. The CoE report anticipated that parliament would go rogue. UGM alongside LSK did issue a notice to vacate since they are illegally occupying our house," Neto said.

Mweke said the people will be forced to exercise their sovereign power if the President fails to dissolve Parliament by Monday next week.

“The President’s power to dissolve Parliament is delegated power, and our reading of the Constitution tells us that we can also exercise this power directly,” he said.

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