One Millicent Omanga troll that left Disembe Disembe in stitches as ODM die-hard


Nominated Senator  Millicent Omanga bootylicious photos


An ODM die-hard tried to troll Nominated Senator  Millicent Omanga on the social media but bounced back. 

Mr Disembe Disembe trolled Senator Omanga over what he termed as "wheelbarrow nation" that is being steered by Deputy President William Ruto.

" Millicent Omanga will be parading her mkokotenis/wheelbarrows but dare you not forget she ain’t a hustler. She didn’t make her millions selling bedsheets/duvets; but by getting exclusive tenders in the prisons department (when PS was Andrew Cheruiyot) to supply machine guns, " Disembe posted. 

Senator Omanga reacted in trashing way that left him in stitches.

" Oh, kid. Someone tell this boy to stop punching above his weight. He should continue serving tea at Hon. Junet Mohamed office polepole. An opportunity given to a monkey to wear clothes doesn't give it the right to join the dining table, " Senator Omanga posted.


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