Three sisters from Tana River County who got pregnant from one man

Three sisters from Tana River County aged 16 and below each delivered twins at a Garissa hospital.

The girls, who were to sit for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination in March next year, delivered their babies on Saturday through a caesarean section(CS), which had earlier been opposed by medics in three other hospitals.

Their mother narrated that doctors in Malindi and Kilifi hospitals had disallowed the surgical operation, suggesting that for them to survive, they had to sacrifice an infant each.

“I refused to let that happen. It was a sacrifice, and though scientifically logical, it was traditionally tragic,” the mother said.

The mother did a thorough search with her daughters until the single mother of five decided to seek help at a private hospital. The operation at the facility went on successfully.

However, the firstborn of the three, who was carrying triplets, had no choice but to surrender one infant on the doctor’s advice. The doctor advice was to rescue the mother.

“They all had slim chances of survival.  That was the reason why we looked for a specialist. Only for the girl with the triplets to come out alive, we had to coincide with the mother to pick between her daughter and the third infant,” said the doctor.

After the News that all girls were pregnant, the man responsible fled right away.

“We did not know he was having an affair with all of us since we didn’t share that bit of our lives as we didn’t trust each other with secrets,” said one of the girls.

The adolescent girls said that the man, who worked in their home as a gardener, used to entice them into the farm where he would defile them.

One even admitted sneaking out at night to meet him in his room.

“He used to give me pocket money and would sometimes buy me clothes. He was so nice to me. I did not know he was doing the same to my sisters,” one of the girls said.

The mother narrated that she did not notice anything strange with the girls. However, after a couple of months, she noticed new underwears and shoes from her lastborn daughter.

“I noticed some funny set of underwear which caught my attention. But she kept saying she had bought them with her pocket money. What I did not understand was why she chose that funny type of underwear,” she said.

Surprisingly, the mother did not doubt anything until she accidentally bounced into a message on one of her daughter’s phones notifying the gardener that she was three weeks pregnant.

In the chats, they were plotting an abortion planned for two days later.

“Surprisingly, they all knew they were pregnant and were planning an abortion because when I ambushed them the following day at dawn for a pregnancy test, one of them sneaked away, and the remaining two confessed they were pregnant,” she narrated.

The Gardener from Kilifi county disappeared after noticing that the secret was out and all three girls were pregnant.

The mother reported the incident to the Police officers.  Police officers are still hunting for the man who disappeared from the area.

According to police reports, the mother only provided his name and a phone number and his place permanent residence. His phone has been off ever since he disappeared.

 The Police officers discovered that he had registered his line using someone else’s identity card.

The girls have since been discharged from hospital and are under home-based care.

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