Sofia FP -Kenya banned Chinese Sofia Family Planning monthly pill make a mysterious comeback

Sofia Family Planning pill back to Kenyan market


Sofia Family Planning pill that was banned from the Kenyan market finds its way to the market.

The Chinese made fertility pill that was outlawed over 10 years ago is now back to the Kenyan markets but with strict secrecy rules.

The once-a-month pill commonly identified as SFP Pill is being sold in herbal clinics without being noticed by the Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB).

However, buying the pill online, ‘herbal clinics’ and from illegal dealers who deliver purchases on order across the country is extremely easy.

Its comparable affordability costs about Sh200 per tablet, has made the pills attractive to women keen on family planning as its only one pill per month.

The pill has been inscribed to cause negative side-effects on women and children of breastfeeding mothers. 

Ladies have been experiencing different side effects with the most obvious ones being nausea, tender breasts, palpitations, "heavy" legs, tiredness and a feeling of false pregnancy.

The pills were found to have over 40 times the prescribed levonorgestrel and quinestrol hormones.

The tests also showed that some pills included as much as 3000mcg of estradiol, 100 times more than the advised dosage.

The prescribed daily pill contains 30mcg. The outcomes found differing results of active ingredients with some pills being of no value.

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