Buntwani bridge in Malindi photo
Buntwani bridge in Malindi. FILE


Malindi residents now want the County Government of Kilifi to move with speed in the renovation of Buntwani bridge before it collapses. 

" We've seen various bridges being renovated across the country what's the difference with Buntwani bridge, " a resident said.

The condition of Buntwani bridge is worse, and it is used daily by the people of Malindi. It is a tourist attraction site as well. 

Bunthwani gardens Malindi, which is a tourist attraction and revenue collection centre to Kilifi county Government, is at a bad state.

This amazing infrastructure is facing a collapse in the sight of the local leadership. The residents now also want the area MP Aisha Jumwa to help in pushing for the collapsing the infrastructure.

Buntwani bridge in Malindi photo

Buntwani bridge benefits the whole community of Malindi and the entire tourism board in Kilifi county.

The residents want Governor Amason Kingi to help them and have a tour with the respective officials.

They kindly need the Governor to renovate the bridge to leave a legacy to the people of Malindi together with the Malindi waterfront.

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