Sh 2 Million each Christmas gift wired to Senators to impeach me, Mike Sonko allege

EX-Nairobi boss Mike Sonko at Senate


EX-Nairobi boss Mike Sonko cries foul saying his impeachment by the Senate was in exchange of Christmas gift from the state.

The flashy ex-county boss alleged bribery, breach of the law, coercion and politics in his ouster on Thursday night.

Sonko appeared to be blaming President Uhuru Kenyatta (Jubilee party leader) and ODM boss Raila Odinga, whose delegations voted to impeach him, for purportedly instructing them to do so.

“Some of my former colleagues in the Senate had to sacrifice me coz (sic) of the party political pressure from their party bosses who personally called them one by one to impeach me,” Sonko claimed on a social media post.

"During the voting exercise, Sh 2 Million was offered by the state for Christmas so that the law can be breached, " he posted.

Sonko posted a video of himself driving, meaning that he has left the office and no longer uses the trappings of power that comes with the governor’s office.

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