I will not resign, you can continue taking my duties away... Ruto reacts to Uhuru


Deputy President William Ruto photo
Deputy President William Ruto. FILE

Deputy President William Ruto declares that he will not resign, just a day after President Uhuru Kenyatta said told him to quit instead of criticising the government from within.

“I will continue working as the Deputy President of Kenya because that is my position under the Constitution,” Ruto declared at a rally in Isiolo for his hustler nation empowerment program.

" If Raila uses you to tell me to resign, then let him do it himself. He also criticises the government, then he purports to be an ally. That's hypocritic, " he said.

 “There is absolutely no contest between my boss and me. I respect the decision of the His Excellency The President, and the President calls the shots, he is in charge and he takes all decisions and I have not revoked any decision," he added.

Ruto spoke a day after President Kenyatta criticised him for using doublespeak on the Jubilee government’s development record.

He defended himself adding that he has always been respectful to the President even when he felt he was being undermined in the performance of his duty under the Constitution.

“I have never said anything against the President out of respect, even if the work I am mandated to be doing as a Deputy President is being done by others, I have also respected that decision because I want unity in our nation of Kenya.”

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