DCI sleuths based in Homa Bay arrest Moris Ochieng

DCI sleuths based in Homa Bay arrest Moris Ochieng, a local bank security officer in Mbita while on patrol on Tuesday night.

According to a police report, investigators originally suspected Ochieng was selling bhang but upon ordering him to open his bag, they discovered a home-made pistol.

Detectives then administered a spirited search at the 38-year-old suspect’s house where they discovered a cache of various parts of a firearm that closely matched those of an AK-47.

They also seized a strange powder which has since been submitted for forensic analysis.

The arrest comes after increasing trends of crime and insecurity in Homa Bay.

Meanwhile, the scrutiny has started on the matter to determine the purpose of the 37 years old man and whether he was working with others to assemble the firearms.


The DCI has also cautioned Kenyans to be careful of criminals wielding ‘fake’ guns as some of them are fitted enough of firing. 

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