EX-Tahidi High actress Angel Waruinge alias Miss Morgan opens up on depression and alcoholism

EX-Tahidi High actress Angel Waruinge alias Miss Morgan photo

EX-Tahidi High actress Angel Waruinge alias Miss Morgan, opens up about battling depression and abusing alcohol.

Speaking in a YouTube interview with Hiram Maina, she said she turned to alcohol when things went sour.

Miss Waruinge is known for acting as the strict deputy principal of the Tahidi High School, Miss Morgan.

She faced various difficulties after the show ended, including living beyond her means.

"I went through it. What follows when you start becoming famous, you start living this life, you start becoming broke, but you still have to live to that expectation. Then you start living an empty life," Waruinge explained.

Miss Morgan says she fell into a mental and identity trauma. It was then that depression jetted in and she sought solace in alcohol.

"So, when you start living an empty life, what happens? You start getting stressed… I went through depression. And depression can take you to alcohol. Some other people will just sink in the Christian faith. I adopted alcoholism at some point but luckily I had a strong family and friends who noticed what was happening to me," she said.

During this period, she increased weight and began losing her self-esteem.

"When I was down there, I was trying to lose weight. When I lost myself, I started losing self-esteem. You’re getting broke because you’re mismanaging your finances. I knew I could get out, but I didn’t know how."

"I am a single mum to an eight-year-old girl. When I look at my life she is the only thing I did right. If she was not there, we would be talking about a different story like suicide. I feel blessed having her in my life."

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