Amber Lulu pregnancy controversy

Controversy erupts over the pregnancy of Bongo star Lulu Euggen well known as ‘Amber Lulu’  with her being unsure of the father of the child.

In an interview with a local newspaper during her baby shower held at Hekima Garden Hall in Mikocheni in Dar, last weekend, Amber Lulu said she did not even know the baby's father. 

"I don't even know the father of my baby," said Amber Lulu requesting the reporters to leave her.


Following her answer, sources privy to the drama said that Amber Lulu is not joking, but she does not know who is responsible for her pregnancy. 

According to people close to her, it is true that Amber Lulu is saying the truth because even she fails to unravel this complicated riddle.


Amber Lulu pregnancy controversy

“You know when she got pregnant, Amber Lulu was in a relationship with two people; one is a Bongo Fleva artist and the other is a great Bongo music producer, ” sources claim.


"You know even Amber Lulu head gets the same controversy because, at the time she was in a relationship with the artist, she was at the same time flirting with the music producer, "  the sources added.

 " The producer's wife even knows because one day she called her and they fought over the disputed relationship."


"Probably the day she got pregnant, it was like during the day she was with her boyfriend (Bongo Fleva artist), they had fun and later, she met the producer and they did it as well."


"Amber Lulu boyfriend is currently alleged to be in a relationship with Bongo actresses while the producer who is also married has a relationship with Amber Lulu. The puzzle is that Amber does not know who exactly will agree to raise the unborn child, ”says a close friend of Amber Lulu.

 Fans are just watching how the drama will unfold after the delivery.

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