Kilifi incoming Senator lawyer George Kithi news, Photo

Kilifi incoming Senator lawyer George Kithi reassure the Chonyi elders at the Chodari area in Kilifi South that his leadership will empower and transform the county by changing the political conversation.  

Kithi was addressing elders during a consultative meeting yesterday.

"Our conversation was majored on how best I can help in uplifting the people of Chodari and Kilifi south at large, " he said.

They touched on the issue of education, how he can offer a helping hand in reviving the Coastal economy by utilizing the resources available to them such as Coconut and cashew nut farming.

Also, during the meeting, they talked of the poor roads network in some parts of Kilifi South which are under the County Government as well as stalled government projects.

Some of the projects were initiated by former and former leaders which the current leadership had neglected.

For sure, the Coast region especially Kilifi County is a very rich place which her resources should be exploited for the benefit of her people.


Kilifi incoming Senator lawyer George Kithi news, Photo

Lawyer Mtetezi emphasized the need to have a competitive representation in the senate who will battle for more resources for the great county. The resources will then be used in initiating and completing development projects.

"On how to spur our economy using our indigenous crops, I have already sourced some experts who will be buying korosho, vifudu, makuti, ndifu etc. and later move to the Senate in a bid to amend the crop act. We need a processing factory for our produce for value addition, " he added.

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