Q Chief, whose full name is Abubakar Katwila photo


Bongo music star apologized to fans and music stakeholders in Tanzania for using offensive language against his fellow artist, ‘Diamond Platnumz’ and WCB Wasafi label manager, Sallam Sharaf ‘ #SallamSK.



Q Chief, whose full name is Abubakar Katwila, apologized via media in Dar es Salaam after early February 2021 videos circulated on social media with Q Chief appearing to use vulgar language against the two.



In the video, Q Chief was also heard accusing the use of his image on a poster showing a list of artists who will perform at the Wasafi Tumewasha festival held in Dar es Salaam, January 31, 2021.



He complained that despite his appearance on the posters, he was not aware of his involvement in the festival and was not invited.



Speaking to reporters on February 27, 2021, the artist said he was disgusted by the matter and anger derived him to do what did and give foul language online.


However, Q Chief has emphasised that apologizing does not mean he has stopped pursuing the matter.

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