Elsa Majimbo: People in Nairobi are bullies, only value light-skinned ladies
Photo of Elsa Majimbo

Popular crisps eating comedianne Elsa Majimbo explains why it's difficult to grow in Kenya in the entertainment industry.

Elsa was chatting on a live interview with international journalists. 

" Kenya is full of bullies. Nairobi is at the top for bullying people who are dark-skinned. I now hate people in Kenya and I'm proud to have a home in South Africa, Elsa said.

"Kenya is a horrible place to live in! It did seem like everyone in the city was against me." Elsa Majimbo added.

Comedian Elsa Majimbo has vowed not to return to Kenya citing constant bullying for being dark-skinned.

Do light-skinned ladies have an advantage?

Watch the interview.

Comedian Elsa Majimbo opens up about bullying, says she faced a lot of criticism in Kenya since her high school years. 

"I have faced a lot of bullying in Nairobi and when I say bullying people only think about the internet, but it has been my whole life. At the university, I chose my friends and the company I was in and it got easier. 

But when I got to the internet it became as worse as it was in high school. I would mind my own business and sit inside the house in Nairobi. When I left for South Africa in February, I left and never went back to Kenya."

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