Keffa Nyambane explains why he stopped President Uhuru Kenyatta’s motorcade on May 26, 2021


Keffa Nyambane photo

Keffa Nyambane, the man who temporarily halted President Uhuru Kenyatta’s motorcade on Wednesday, May 26 explains that he was not a security threat since he just wanted to share his problems with the head of state.

The 30-year-old father of three alleges that he saw a golden chance to speak to the President when he heard the report of the President’s visit to Lucky Summer on Wednesday mid-morning.

“The President is my leader. I voted for him. We wake up at four o’clock in the morning to elect a leader and at the end of the day, you don’t benefit from electing a leader. I saw a golden opportunity to share my problems with my President,” Kefa said.

“The individual is a citizen who was only excited to see the motorcade His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta. We wish to allay any fears that the President’s security was under threat,” Government spokesman Cyrus Oguna said in a tweet.

Keffa Nyambane’s act went viral with photos and videos of his daring act.

“It’s not an any-day act of courage when someone like me jumps in front of the Presidential motorcade. Mimi nilikuwa nimefika mwisho,” the father of three admitted adding that it was forced due to being unemployed.

In an interview with a local TV station, Kefa who scored a C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary School Education (KCSE) says his sister help him with Parental responsibilities.

“I have school fees at that school, Starlet, I’m unable to pay the money. I have tried. And that is the second born. The other child is under my sisters care,” the man from Lucky Summer said.

“There are no schools here. No hospitals. We are suffering here at Lucky Summer,” Kefa said in the interview.

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