The said lady, who is simmering, warming and later hooting UN boss Dr Mukhisa Kituyi behind his wife’s back, alleges Kituyi assaulted her at a five-star hotel in Mombasa last month when she snubbed his advances.

She reported the invasion at Nyali Police Station under OB Number 10/22/05/2021.

Mukhisa Kituyi side chick Diana Opemi Lutta  photo

On the said day of the assault, the Presidential aspirant allegedly pushed her from a bed and rained gusts on her.

She allegedly fell and injured her knee.

Who is the Mukhisa Kituyi’s side-chick?

Mukhisa Kituyi Mpango wa Kando Diana Opemi Lutta  photo

She deleted most of her photos and put her Facebook account private after the scandal exploded.

She seems to be an educated woman judging from this photo posted on her Facebook page.

Mukhisa Kituyi side chick Diana Opemi Lutta

Diana Opemi Lutta filed a complaint in Occurrence Book (OB) - Under OB Number 10/22/05/2021 - at the Nyali police station in Mombasa County on May 22, 2021, claiming to have been assaulted by the former United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Secretary-General while at the hotel.

The lady demand Sh 1 Milion from the aspirant as damage and for her services. 

Diana Opemi Lutta photo


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