A 26-year-old model Elisane Silva, tallest woman photo

A 26-year-old model Elisane Silva conveyed her experience what it is like to be the tallest woman in Brazil.

Elisane Silva, 26, began to notice she was much taller than her classmates and even her family at the age of 10. At that time, she was already 5ft 9in despite being a child. Now, she stands at 7 ft.

Her mum Ana Maria Ramos is just 5ft 4in and her dad Luiz Jorge is 5ft 7in so they didn’t think it was down to genes.

Elisane’s height was due to a benign tumour on her pituitary gland which caused giantism and an overproduction of the growth hormone. 

Elisane, from Brazil, had no idea about the tumour until 2010 when she had it on television and went for a series of tests.

Now she’s known unofficially as “Brazil’s tallest woman”.

In 2015, the model married Francinaldo Da Silva Carvalho, 31, and he stands at just 5ft 4in. They met in 2011 and the couple quickly fell in love, despite the height difference.

A 26-year-old model Elisane Silva

In an interview, she said, “I remember locking myself up at home as I felt so sick with the comments and words people were often saying.

“I decided to give up and it was the hardest decision I have ever had to make, as I wanted to proceed studying.

“At the time, I was 17, so my parents didn’t have much to say on the matter and I was really lost about where to go next in life.”

 “We used to get comments in the street, I’m no longer the centre of attention now we have our beautiful son.

A 26-year-old model Elisane Silva

“Angelo is already 3ft 3in at three, but I don’t believe he will grow to be as tall as me because I don’t think my condition is hereditary.

“I think he will grow up to be average height – but even if not, he should embrace the unique asset he has been given.”

Now Elisane wants to be a professional model, a dream she’s had since she was a teenager.

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